Create Your Own Outdoor Paradise With the Help of Our Talented Design Team

The most beautiful gardens have all begun with a comprehensive plan that details the elements of the landscape and shows where each should be placed. A proper design will give the garden structure (which translates to balance and efficiency) and character (which makes the garden unique and intriguing).

Led by Mitch, our talented team of designers can create the garden of your dreams. With attention to detail and your lifestyle, we will create your ultimate outdoor paradise for relaxation and entertainment.

“The collaboration between the designer and the homeowner is one of the most exciting aspects of the project”
~ Mitch Kalamian

A cohesive landscape plan is a very prudent investment. It will save time, frustration and money…and if done properly, will make you proud of your living work of art. Our designers use principals of Feng Shui and practical experience to blend these important factors in creating gardens that invoke harmony and peacefulness, while complementing the style of the home and increasing its value.

We understand that this may be the first time you are undertaking a project like this, so our job is to make you feel at ease. And we’ll do that by explaining the process every step of the way.

Our Design Process

Our design process is a very exciting one. We offer you a chance to learn about - and become a part of - the design and construction process and we approach this in a very no-nonsense way. Our goal is to create a unique garden that becomes a living, breathing conversation piece that makes you proud.
To that end, we’ll collaborate with you to integrate your style and tastes with our artistry into a unique landscape that meets the needs of your particular family. Whether it’s an entertainers’ paradise, a playground for the kids, a private retreat or a specific theme garden, we offer a fresh approach.
We do this by listening to your needs and desires and discussing the important factors before we even get started with the design, such as:

  • How you plan to use the yard;
  • Any materials you might like or dislike;
  • The theme of your garden;
  • Your wish list (i.e., Pool or spa, BBQ/Outdoor kitchen, fountain, fireplace, etc.)
  • And, finally, your budget for the project

Next, we’ll discuss the placement of each of the items on your wish list. Using our creative talent, years of experience and some common sense, our designer will explain his vision and how he plans to make the best use of your space. It’s important to us to incorporate all of your wishes in a way that doesn’t seem contrived or forced, while giving special attention to detail and the materials we use.

Because there are many factors that contribute to the success or failure of a landscape design, each element and fixture must work together. Our designers have practical and innovative knowledge, combined with the artistic ability to put colors and materials together that will complement your home while remaining true to your desired theme.


After discussing your wants and needs, our designer will assess your yard, paying close attention to such details as how sunlight hits the yard, the proximity of the neighbors (to maximize your privacy) and other vital information.

We are very sensitive to designing a landscape that meets all of your expectations, while staying within your budget. Whether it be a $7,500 or $275,000 project, it is important that our designer knows what the budget is so he can design the best landscape for your money. This is vital to a successful project; if the budget is never discussed, the design could be shortchanged or designed “over the top” and it may not correspond to what you want to spend.

Your design can include all elements of the landscape, including but not limited to:

  • BBQ’s;
  • Water features;
  • Pools and spas;
  • Outdoor kitchens;
  • Plant material;
  • Patios and patio covers;

We can even help you accessorize your yard by helping you choose just the right patio furniture, pottery, garden art, and audio system…everything you need to complete your outdoor paradise. We even bring the showroom to you! Our designer will show you samples of brick, tile, stone, stucco or concrete colors that he’d like to use to get your approval. He’ll even show you pictures of the plants he’d like to use or accompany you to the nursery to discuss your options.


The flow of the garden is very important. Positioning of each element, such as a water fountain or patio, must be precise in order to provide harmony and create a garden that “works”. When something is out of place in a garden, psychologically you can feel it. You may feel that it doesn’t “flow”, although you can’t figure out why. The answer is poor planning.


Each family’s needs are different. We listen to those needs and desires and integrate them into a structured layout that has a “rhyme and a reason”.


Choosing the right materials for a particular theme can make it very believable. Therefore, it is very important that the materials chosen blend well with the house and complement the theme of the project.


Pools / Spas

Landscape Design


“We basically had a nice but quite ordinary backyard before Mitch became our designer. We believed that we had too little of an area to work in and were resigned to a somewhat minor upgrade. We were totally unprepared for the fabulous changes and terrific ideas that resulted in our backyard! It is now extremely pretty, far more interesting and creative, unbelievably functional and a much more comfortable space that people love to congregate in. We are thrilled!”

~Roberta & Gary H., Rossmoor

“I can't tell you how impressed Jeff and I are with the work.  The workers are polite, clean and work their tails off, plus know what they are doing”.
Pam Kellogg, Long Beach
“Mitch and Solena Landscape provided us with a wonderful remodel plan for our pool and backyard. More importantly, Mitch was instrumental in the timely execution of the plan. The yard is magnificent and has become a focal point of our living space.”
Burt S., Manhattan Beach
“I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the wonderful experience my wife and I had working with Solena Landscape”.
Michael Fong