Solena handles all aspects of the construction in-house, with our own crews.
From concrete and masonry work to plants, sprinklers and nightlighting, we guide our own trained craftsmen in the installation of your perfect garden. We also make sure that everything is installed just the way it was discussed with your designer so we closely supervise the work on a daily basis.

All construction is done in-house with our own crews and personally supervised by the owner of the company, Mitch Kalamian. From the initial underground work to the construction of your major features (like a pool, BBQ or fountain), we will seamlessly coordinate and schedule each element to insure that there is no lag time and that we meet our promised schedule of completion. As a matter of fact, we guarantee to have a full crew on-site every day until your project is complete. Our crews work together like a well-oiled machine and pride themselves on their team-like approach to constructing your project.

Understandably, homeowners can sometimes be wary of working with contractors. We get this, so beyond rigorously training our crews on customer service and proper jobsite etiquette, we also instill awareness of efficiency and teach new installation techniques. Because we respect each project and know that construction can sometimes be invasive, our crews spend the last half hour of every day cleaning up and organizing the job site. Additionally, we provide a Port-a-potty for our crews to use, so there is never any question.

The construction process should be as fun and exciting for our client as it is for us….and this is what we strive for.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Solena Landscape's expert craftsman
will masterfully bring your design to life

Communication is the key to a successful project. Throughout the construction, your project will be personally supervised by Mitch and his trusted project managers. You can expect daily updates on the progress of your project and to have any concerns that you may have addressed immediately.
Our office manager and client liaison is Ursula Green. Ursula is in charge of keeping everything in line - she will seamlessly walk you through our construction contract, answer any questions and give you a comfort level with the legal stuff. Throughout the project, should you have any questions regarding scheduling, your contract or an update on the accounting – Ursula will have the answers.
You can contact her by phone @ (714) 960-8955 or via email @

Follow up:


When your project is complete we will walk you through your new yard and explain how to use the sprinkler and lighting controllers, as well as discuss their intricacies.
We also carry out our own follow-up procedure to check on the plant material, fine tune the sprinkler system and adjust the watering cycle once the plants become established. This is done weekly for the first month and then bi-weekly for the 2nd month after completion. This gives us the opportunity to head off any potential plant- shock issues and correct the problem immediately.
Once complete, you may want to take advantage of our unique maintenance program…

The Perfect Garden Program

Through the years we have been asked repeatedly to recommend a good gardener when we are done with the project. Unfortunately, relying on an untrained professional to maintain your investment properly is a gamble…and more often than not, homeowners are disappointed and frustrated with the results. Many times a gardener simply doesn’t have the proper knowledge to do what should be done for a garden to thrive over time. To overcome this, we have developed a quarterly maintenance service called the “Perfect Garden Program”. This Program is designed to pick up where a gardener usually slacks off.

Carried out by our trained crews, the Perfect Garden Program is designed to keep your yard looking as beautiful and manicured as the day it was finished. We stay on top of its’ ever-changing needs and keep it in tip-top shape.

With the proper quarterly maintenance, you will only need to rely on your gardener to mow and edge the lawn, pick off any dead flowers and pick the occasional weed. This should drastically reduce your monthly gardening bill and relieve you of any false expectations you may have for a gardener’s ability. This is where we step in…. On a quarterly basis, we will visit your yard to access 5 main areas, and then generate a site inspection report to tell you what we have found.

There are 5 main categories that we look at and attend to:

  • Sprinkler System: We run through the sprinkler system to make sure it is still efficient and unclogged.
  • Fertilizing: We apply the proper nutrition to each plant and the lawn as necessary.
  • Color change out: Replace any flowers that need to be redone for the season – as well as any dead shrubs
  • Nightlighting: Check the fixtures, replace burned out bulbs and straighten crooked lights
  • Pruning: Thin and lace all of the shrubs and trees (as necessary) – our certified arborist will inspect each tree.

Our crew will (usually) spend the whole day in your yard pruning and planting and, if done regularly (every quarter), will keep your yard looking like Disneyland all year round!.

Our Perfect Garden Program really is designed for us to keep tabs on your garden and make sure that it never has an opportunity to fall into disrepair or that awful state of square and round hedges that gardeners love so much!


Pools / Spas

Landscape Design


“I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the wonderful experience my wife and I had working with Solena Landscape. Our initial vision was to install a Jacuzzi, barbeque, outdoor fireplace, demo and replace 2,000 square feet of concrete and improve our landscape. It was a challenge to select a designer to draw up the plan as well as the general contractor. You oversaw the project daily and we were very impressed with the hard work, skill and commitment of your wonderful crew. You made a commitment and did what you said you were going to do and more!”

~ Michael Fong, Santa Ana

“I can't tell you how impressed Jeff and I are with the work.  The workers are polite, clean and work their tails off, plus know what they are doing”.
Pam Kellogg, Long Beach
“Mitch and Solena Landscape provided us with a wonderful remodel plan for our pool and backyard. More importantly, Mitch was instrumental in the timely execution of the plan. The yard is magnificent and has become a focal point of our living space.”
Burt S., Manhattan Beach
“I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the wonderful experience my wife and I had working with Solena Landscape”.
Michael Fong